Fund Raising

Do you belong to a school, church, or youth group that needs to raise some funds? If so, check out what Ohana Hawaiian BBQ has to offer your group.

How Can OHB Help? Ohana Hawaiian BBQ will donate up to 15% to 20% of purchases made by your invited group of people (tax excluded) to your organization. Depending on the number of people you invited that does come-in to eat in our store, we may even throw in a bonus by matching up to 50% of the funds you have raised. Ohana Hawaiian BBQ will take care of all the food and drinks for your event. You don't need to work the kitchen, the register, or clean-up after the event. We take care of these things for you!

How Does This Work? You invite as many hungry people as can to eat in our store on a pre-set date and time. You provide them with little stubs that identifies their purchase as part of the purchases to be credited towards your fund raiser. We take their orders, we feed them, we clean-up after them, and you entertain them and take your share of the sale back to your organization. Now, wasn't that too easy?

How Do We Get Started? Contact your nearest Ohana Hawaiian BBQ location and make arrangements with the store manager for your fund raiser. The store manager will inform you of what you need to do to make this happen. We may request, at our discretion, an official letter of request from your organization to verify that you are representing the organization.

There may be certain limitations and exclusions that may apply. Funds raised through this fund raisers will be given in a cheque made payable to your organization.