About Our Storya Fast-Growing Company

For the culture-rich state of Hawaii, locals have been enjoying the best mix of ethnic and Polynesian food for years. This unique blend of taste, the different usage of spices and ingredients has developed into a fantastic collection of flavorful local Hawaiian food. We at Ohana Hawaiian BBQ (Part of the Ahu's Hawaiian BBQ Group of Companies) have dedicated ourselves to bring these unique flavors of food and plate lunches to the mainland.

Our menu items originated from a tiny luncheon in Waimea, Big Island Hawaii called Kamuela Deli since 1972. Through the years, we understand that many Hawaiians reside in the US continent, and many visitors who have visited Hawaii have been craving for the local food. So, here we are, determined not to disappoint these folks, and will share our own recipes and we will prepare these great food to all people in the Mainland USA. Mahalo!

Our MissionHawaiin Flavor & Ohana Spirit

"To become the leader in Hawaiian food; and to bring the Hawaiian island flavor and its Ohana spirit to the mainland."