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For the culture-rich state of Hawaii, locals have been enjoying the best mix of ethnic and Polynesian food for years. This unique blend of taste, the different usage of spices and ingredients has developed into a fantastic collection of flavorful local Hawaiian food. We at Ohana Hawaiian BBQ (Part of the Ahu's Hawaiian BBQ Group of Companies) have dedicated ourselves to bring these unique flavors of food and plate lunches to the mainland.

Our menu items originated from a tiny luncheon in Waimea, Big Island Hawaii called Kamuela Deli since 1972. Through the years, we understand that many Hawaiians reside...

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Loco Moco

Monday :      Fish Taco

From Hilo Hawai'i, the Big Islands! Two of our home-made beef patties, a fried-egg cooked over-easy, and topped with our special brown gravy.

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Are you thinking of ways to raise funds for your school, church, or youth group organization's activity? We have assisted a number of local schools and youth groups in raising funds, and we may be able to help you out too.

"On behalf of the Art and Culture Commission, we wish to thank you very much for catering our Lu'au... enjoyed the food and were delighted to have food to take home."

- Patricia Tomoyasu, Chair of the Art and Culture Commission of the City of Monterey Park

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